It's hard to find someone more enthusiastic about motorcycles, more specifically Ducati bikes, than Conny. He runs the instagram account @ducatinorth where he shares photos of Ducati motorcycles on a frequent basis. We hooked up a few weeks ago to create some images of both his bike and himself.

For the shoot I tried to pack as light as possible, bringing an Elinchrom Octa 135cm, a Profoto OCF beauty dish and two Profoto B1's to add a little bit of light to the already available ambient. But I also intended to try out a Phase One XF camera with an IQ380 digital back, graciously loaned to me by Scandinavian Photo / Procenter. The camera sported 80 megapixels and a couple of fantastic lenses which allowed me to shape the light as I saw fit.

We started off creating some static portraits and then moved off to a second location to take some action pictures. Unfortunately we were both a bit tired at the end of the day, so we only managed one action picture. In the near future I'll hook up with his motorcycle friends to create some more epic action imagery. Stay tuned.